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Moore School of Education

Preparing Students to be Effective, Equitable, Caring Educators

Welcome to the Moore School of Education, where you can prepare for two distinct career paths.

First, there is the education path. This path equips students with theory and practice in teaching and learning, a social justice-oriented pedagogy, and the leadership skills needed to teach in diverse classrooms.

The second path is for deaf interpreting, which prepares individuals to be skilled communicators/interpreters in a variety of settings.

Students in these programs will have the opportunity to learn and develop the professional knowledge and skills necessary to be effective teachers or interpreters. These skills develop under the supervision of an experienced and qualified faculty.

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Presidential Scholarship for International Students


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Triad Today Interview with Carolina University President, Dr. Charles Petitt


View the video below to watch Jim Longworth interview Dr. Charles Petitt about special scholarships and upward mobility at Carolina University. For questions about the scholarship opportunities discussed, please contact Admissions at 336-714-7922.

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