Deaf Studies Curriculum

The professional core curriculum focuses on developing a rich awareness of the human diversity within the Deaf Community both locally and globally.

Course Distribution

General Education – 36 Credits

Professional Core – 51 Credits

Concentration Core – 33 Credits

Professional Core Credits

Course Credits
American Sign Language I* 3
American Sign Language II* 3
Deaf Culture and ASL Conversational Lab I* 2
American Sign Language III* 3
American Sign Language IV* 3
Deaf Culture and ASL Conversational Lab II* 2
American Sign Language V* 3
American Sign Language VI* 3
Deaf Culture and ASL Conversational Lab III* 2
Deaf Cultural Studies 3
Deaf Literature and Art 3
American Sign Language Linguistics 3
Religion and the Deaf Community 3
Disability Studies and the Deaf+ Community   3
International Sign and Visual Gestural Communication 3
Deaf Studies Capstone 3
Final Practicum 6

* The Deaf Studies Department agrees with the extensive research that suggests language and culture are acquired through interaction with native and fluent language models. Note courses with an *asterisk* symbol indicate there will be some mandatory synchronous meetings regardless of the students' preferred course delivery mode. Students are responsible for adjusting their schedules to ensure they are able to attend the live remote sessions.